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Terabytes of Protected Storage at an Affordable Price


SafeAV, Terabytes of protected storage at an affordable price


Compare the transfer speeds of common devices


Name MB/s Comments
SafeAV 4800 12G SAS 3.0 4800 12G SAS 3.0 1200MB/s 4 Channels via min SAS HD for a total of 4800MB/s
SafeAV 2400 6G SAS 2.0 2400 6G SAS 2.0   600MB/s 4 Channels via min SAS HD for a total of 2400MB/s
SafeAV 1200 3G SAS 1.0 1200 3G SAS 1.0   300MB/s 4 Channels via min SAS HD for a total of 1200MB/s
SAS 3.0 12G 1200  
USB 3.1 860 Boost in data transfer bandwidth of up to 10 gigabits per second. The new SuperSpeed USB specification in Generation 2 of USB 3.1 delivers improved data encoding and efficiency, doubling the speed of the Generation 1 standard (5Gbps)
SAS 2.0 6G, SATA600/SATA3 600  
USB3 400 External Computer Connector
SafeAV 320 320 Single channel of LVD320
LVD320 320 SCSI
SAS 1.0 3G, SATA300/SATA2 300 Single channel to a drive
LVD160 160 SCSI
SATA150 150 Single channel common for internal hardrives
Ethernet 1Gb/1000bt 125.6 Gigabit Ethernet (Network traffic effects these speeds)
FW800 98 External Computer Connector - Not common
USB2 60 External Computer Connector
FW400 49 External Computer Connector
Blue ray 10x 45  
Blue ray 8x 36  
DVD 22x 30  
Ethernet 100bt 11.6 (Network traffic effects these speeds)
USB1 1.5  

Learn more about Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

*SATA and eSATA are the same except eSATA is external