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Terabytes of Protected Storage at an Affordable Price


SafeAV, Terabytes of protected storage at an affordable price


Introducing The NEW Ocean Systems SafeAV S3

SafeAV S3- SAS3/12G - 4800MB/Sec – 16 Bay up to 78TB per Chassis - Up to 256 total drives!

- See how SafeAV stacks up in this speed comparison chart.

Terabytes of redundant storage at an affordable price
SafeAV is the latest in mission critical RAID technology. Designed to address the challenges of high sustained data rates and high volume video storage needs.

The SafeAV advantages

Fail Safe Configurations - Replacement Drive Included. If a drive is showing a performance issues the integrated fail safe replacement drive is in place to take over. SafeAV will rebuild automatically in the background while still providing you high sustained data throughput to support uncompressed video data rates.

Peak performance with Avid video editing system. Ocean System has been providing Avid qualified systems since 1997. This is longer then any other Avid qualified platform. We have used our experience and knowledge in our rigorous qualification and testing procedure with SafeAV. SafeAV is a reliable and stable storage solution for Avid editing systems and has been tested at up to 12 streams of uncompressed video on our currently shipping CPUs.

SafeAV provides versatility critical to an agency's multimedia storage needs and is powered by a cutting edge 64-bit RAID engine, which maximizes disk performance.

Features and Specs:

  • Daily Chain up to 16 Chassis or 256 Total Drives
  • Audible power and drive failure alarm
  • Powerful 64-bit architecture which maximizes disk performance
  • Spare drive included
  • Three redundant power supplies in the 16 bay option
  • Rackmountable 2RU and 3RU unit

Available Configurations: ( Raid 5 and Raid 6)

  • Terabytes 2RU Raid 5/6, 8-Bay + spare replacement drive (6TB drives) 48TB
  • Terabytes 3RU Raid 5/6, 16-Bay + spare replacement drive (6TB drives) up to 96TB expandable


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SafeAV keeps your workloads and critical applications running 24x7 without hardware failure interruption through the deployment of intelligent and user friendly power and cooling management, specifically its redundant hot-swappable power supplies (2) and fans (3).