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Avid Product Release History

Avid Media Composer Upgrades
Stay current with your Avid Assurance Contract to remain eligible for free software upgrades during the term of that contract. 

Avid Media Composer By Version

See what version is currently shipping and review key features by version

If you currently in Avid support, continue reading for information on how to update your Avid Media Composer.

If you are out of Avid Support, Contact Ocean Systems

for immediate assistance

301-476-8015 or email sales
Online Support Quote Generator or submit a Proposal Request.


Avid Master Account and Updating Avid Media Composer Software

Set Up an Avid Master Account
Having this account set up allows you to do several things.

It allows you to (1) log in via the Avid web site to register your products. (2) To activated and de-activate dongless versions of Avid Media Composer via or Avid Application Management software so you can move between systems. (3) Download Updates

If you have issues with creating an Account or linking your Systems ID to it,
call 800-800-AVID

How to Get and Install Your Avid Updates - There are two easy ways detailed below.

Create or Log into your Avid Master Account via the web and associate your Avid System ID to the account. If required, also set up a download account.

1 - Download Updates from the Avid Web Site as .exe Files for Manual Updating
Using this method you can download the Media Composer installer.exe from any system with internet access, then move the installer to your Avid system if they are separate systems.  Having the installer also allows you to better monitor the installation process. 

2 - Staying updated using Avids Application Manager called Avid Link

Avid Link gets installed when you install Avid Media Composer.  Launch Avid Link from Start Menu or Windows Task Bar.  Avid Link is very similar to the Adobe Application Manager.  Launch Link and Log in.  This will show you what version you are eligible for given the term of your support contract. Then from link you can install that version.

For Avid Dongled Users

Logging into your Avid Master Account also provides you access to downloading your Avid Dongle updater file which is required to update Dongled Versions of Avid Media Composer.

If you are running Avid with a dongle, then after installing the Avid update, you will need to update the dongle using the dongle updater file that is available in the Avid download section.

Avid Application Manager or Avid Link
Depending on if you have Avid Application Manager or Avid Link, this process looks slightly different regarding navigating the menus to update the dongle.

Setting up and Logging into your Avid Master Account

If you purchased a new system from Ocean System and you didn't already have a Master Account, we created a Master Account and registered your Avid Serial Number (SN) using the email address that was provided on your Ocean Systems order with a password of ("Ocean"+ your order) . 

Example:  OceanCxx-xxxxx

This information should be located on your Ocean Systems Build Notes located on your C:Drive > OceanSystems

I Purchased a New Workstation from Ocean Systems with an Avid Update and my Avid Media Composer is Dongled. What do I need to still do ?

We installed the latest Avid version but since we didn't have your Avid dongle, you will need to download the dongle updater and update your dongle to run the latest version. To do this, log into your Avid Master Account to find the dongle update file and instructions. 

Call 800-800-Avid for Assistance.

If you are attempting to upgrade your Avid software on your own on old Ocean Systems CPU, be aware of updated systems requirements. Search the Avid Knowledge Database for the latest.

Avid Master Account

If you are unable to register your Avid SN to your Avid Master Account

because Avid SN was already registered to another person that has left your organization and you don't know their log in information, you need to have Avid reassign the Avid SN to you.

For assistance call 1-800-800-AVID

Avid Knowledge Database Support Page
This page give you access to the knowledge center, read me notes, etc.