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Mikogo - Screen Share

Ingest, Manage, View & Share all Digital Media Assets

Version Release Date FREE TO - In Support As Of Date
QuickDME v3.5.0.8 02-13-2019 01-01-2019


QuickDME v3.5 - New FFMPG Integration

  • FFmpeg Send-To options - 11 new defaults for rewrapping and transcoding proprietary media into standard file formats for distribution and processing.
  • Send-To feature Updated to support locally installed FFmpeg, including more advanced command line control for creating your own FFmpeg presets.
  • Case and Download Notes feature added. Support Public and Private Notes and color coding of notes by user.
  • Take Snapshots and add Notes to a specific frame of video playing in QuickDME QuickView.
  • And much more

QuickDME v3.2 - Archive & Restore

  • Administrators can now archive & restore complete cases via Admin Configurator! Admins simply need to define a global Archive Location via Database Setup Utility to begin leveraging this feature. Archived Case & Download metadata remains searchable in AccessDME, and users are informed that the assets have been archived. Administrators can quickly & easily restore archives too!

QuickDME v3.1 - Summary of Improvements

  • New “Linkable Locations” allows you to link to other storage locations (silos) so data stored there can be managed via QuickDME, without the need for you to move it or create another copy .
  • Performance increases include: faster Thumbnail generation, assets scanning, and disc burning.
  • 40 Customizable Fields - "Case Info" Tab & "Download Info" Tab now have 20 each, up from 5.
  • Play in Associated Player - Added ability to create player associations specific to a Download folder to help in situations that a file needs a specific version of a player to display the media.
  • Added support for International characters
  • Improved Viewing, Filtering and Boolean Searching options
  • Save Work Spaces- Use QuickDME the way that works before for you.
  • For a complete list of added features, view the release notes below.

Previous Key Features

  • QuickView - now supports more file formats with more player controls
  • Send to - Set up send to option for additional processing accessible from right clicking on an asset
  • Derivative Workflow - Once processing is complete, check your assets back into QuickDME
    Disclosure - Supports Drop Box and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Play in Associated Player - Ingest players into the QuickDME database, then associate them to the media they play.  Now you and anyone with permissions can benefit these settings. As new media is ingested of that same type, Simply Right Click > Play in Associated Player, and a virtualized player will get pulled from the server and load to view your media.
  • Set up Workflow Templates - Standardize folder structure, hashing, disc burning and other important information about the evidence.


Demo Package: Get set up in just minutes

From the download page

After downloading the latest QuickDME, download our demo package deployment installer that

  • Demo Database - videos, images, audio, etc so you can get up and running in just minutes
  • 3x User Licenses
  • User Guides & Product Overview Videos
  • Demo package Installation Overview Video


QuickDME - Video Series
QuickDME - Demo Database - Downloading and Setting Up


Download Request Form - QuickDME

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QuickDME Release History

Digital Video Acquisition

Version Release Date FREE TO - In Support As Of Date
Omnivore v3.1.0.0 03-29-2019 03-01-2019


Omnivore - Updated Installer 03-29-19

  • New Omnivore Viewer with FFmpeg Convert.  Omnivore Viewer now allows Omnivore users to
    open and process any file supported by FFmpeg on ANY Windows PC.

Omnivore - Updated Installer 06-13-18

  • Fixed Omnivore Updater application errors when ran on Win10 build 1803.

Omnivore released 04-19-18

  • Fixed bug with Omnivore Viewer opening OMVA files over 4 GB properly.
  • Installs Omnivore, Viewer, Bridge

Omnivore released 11-22-17

  • New "Set to TFP" link on output tab
  • Additional system information in captures & report (e.g. OS, GPU, etc.)
  • Fixed issue w/Microsoft Security Essentials identifying Omnivore & Viewer as security threats.
  • Fixed issue that occasionally disabled play button once captures where played through
    until the end of file.
  • Omnivore Viewer re-optimized so it is more responsive to user input


Omnivore - Product Page
Omnivore 3.0 - Release Notes
Omnivore - Video Series


Download Request Form - Omnivore

If you aren't sure if you were in support as of the above date, download and run the updater and will inform you if you were not.

Online Quote System - Get Upgraded

Extend your support, add more drives or additional software.

Use the online quote system using the link above.

Upgrade to an Omnivore Field Kit - If you enjoy the benefits of using Omnivore, consider expanding its usefulness by adding the Omnivore Field Kit Hardware.

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Omnivore Release History


Image Clarification Suite

Version Release Date FREE TO - In Support As Of Date
ClearID v3.3.3 64-bit 10-18-2018 06-01-2016


10-18-2018 Release - Maintenance Release to support Photoshop CC 2019 (v20), also includes new optional Base Action Set.

ClearID 3.3 - Summary of Improvements

  • ClearID Workflow Filters are now recordable as PS Actions
  • Batch Processing of images using recorded ClearID PS Actions
  • How to use CID as Actions sections added to user guide
  • Sample Action Set and User Recorded Actions Set included
  • F11 Key now brings up last filter applied with previous settings used
  • Frequency Filters can now read the PS Ruler data the same way Motion dBlur does
  • Feedback Button has been changed to a Support Button, and linked a new resources page

ClearID 3.3 requires a new unlock code.

Trial Mode: ClearID will run in a 30-day trial mode if not unlocked.

Supports: Adobe Photoshop 64-bit versions (CS4 through CC 2019)
Downloading a 30 day trial of Photoshop

Unlock Code Request: Install ClearID and then click the Register Now button in the
ClearID 3.0 Interface
and we will process your request.   Installation and how do videos
available below. 


ClearID - Product Page
ClearID Videos - Installation & other How To Videos
ClearID v3.3.3 - Release Notes
ClearID v3.3.x - Using CID as PS Actions to batch process

Download Request Form - ClearID 3.3.3 (64-bit Only) - Click Here

Online Quote System - Get Free Upgrades

Extend your support or add additional licenses.

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ClearID Release History



Video Clarification Suite

Version Release Date FREE TO - In Support As Of Date
dTective v8.1 03-14-2019 02-01-2019 or later


Update Includes:


dTective 8.0 modular installer:



  • dVeloper Update - Massive speed improvements realtime preview and render.  Real-time preview performance improved for dealing with High Resolution media. Render times improved so that a 2;30 min render now happens in 3 seconds.
  • dVeloper Update - new Region of Interest (RoI), providing additional controls when resizing the RoI with your Composer window.
  • ClearID AVX Filters for Media Composer Fixed intermittent issue with “VideoEffectConsumer” error happening when using ClearID effects in your sequence. Minor performance improvements.


  • Updated SpotLight to "SpotLight/Redact", allowing up to 4 target areas to be highlighted/obscured at a time.
  • Added new "Analyze (BETA)" effect, which allows users to define a Region of Interest (RoI) and scan a clip for activity in that region.
  • ClearID as Avid AVX video plugins - We ported 13x ClearID filters as Avid Media Composer AVX Plugins.
  • Avid Dongless Compatibility update
  • dTective Avid AVX Plugins: SpotLight, MAGNIFi, dVeloper, dPlex, arithMATIC
  • archive-R 1.13 - updated to support current versions of Avid
  • dPlex Pro 2.56
  • DVR dCoder 2.54 b06.19.17 (DVR dCoder is a legacy product. Omnivore is its replacement)
  • dTective Sample Project & Media
  • dTective Product Guide, November 2018
ClearID Legacy AVX 2.0 Plug-In
(Optional Install)

Installs "dTective ClearID Legacy" effects category in Media Composer, for backwards compatibility. (For accessing sequences that used ClearID filters Color Safe Levels (CSL) or Color Safe Curves (CSC) provided in all versions prior to dTective 7.5.)

ClearID v3.3.3
64-bit Upgrade for PS
(Optional Installer)
ClearID for PS is sold separately, but if you are in dTective or CleaID support the upgrade is free.  Supports 64-bit versions of Adobe Photoshop CS4 through CC 2019.



dTective 8.0 Avid AVX Plug-ins Require:

     Avid (64 bit) starting with Avid Media Composer 6.0

dPlex Pro is a standalone program that only requires Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

Demo Mode: All software except DVR dCoder will run in demo mode until unlocked.

Are You upgrading to Avid Media Composer 64-bit?
If you are upgrading from a MC 5.5 32 bit to a MC 64 bit version, you may require a new
(Video I/O box and CPU) upgrade.

Contact sales to review your options.


dTective 8.0 Cumulative Release Notes
This document will get installed on your system when you install dTective v8.0
AVX 2.0 Benefits


Download Request Form - dTective 8.0 Click Here

Purchase dTective Support and Get Free Upgrades - Online Quote System - Online Store

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dTective Release History



Project Archiving Tool

Version Release Date FREE TO - In Support As Of Date
archive-R v1.13 04-12-2017 04-01-2010 or later


archive-R™ is a powerful yet easy-to-use program designed to archive any digital assets into a single file that can be easily restored using the free archive-R restoration module. archive-R has full support for Avid projects and is OMF/MXF compatible.

archive-R v1.0.9 Released 06.17.2016
- Minor bug fix and installer update.

archive-R v1.0.8 Released 08.06.2015
- Added Archive log & updated CD/DVD/Blu-ray support.

archive-R v1.0.6 Released 06.17.2015
- CD/DVD/BlueRay Burner support updated - now support more devices.

archive-R v1.0.5 Released 07.14.2014
- includes minor bug fixes and connects to a new online activation server.


Video Overview - archive-R
Release Notes v1.13


Try Before You Buy - Run it in trial mode to browse the functions and give it a test drive. Trial mode will allow you up to 3 free archives. archive-R restores are free and unlimited.

Download Request Form archive-R - Click Here

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archive-R Release History


Audio Clarification Suite
Version Release Date FREE TO - In Support As Of Date
 DAC QuickEnhance AAX 2.3.2
02-01-2015 DAC QE/AS v2.1 owners
 DAC QuickEnhance VST 2.3.2
02-01-2015 DAC QE/AS v2.1 owners
 DAC QuickEnhance AS 2.3.0
01-14-2014 DAC QE/AS v2.1 owners
 DAC QuickEnhance VST 2.2.1
04-29-2014 DAC QE/AS v2.1 owners


Avid Support

QuickEnhance AAX 2.3.2 adds compatibility with Avid Media Composer 8.2

QuickEnhance AS v2.3.0 adds compatibility with Avid Media Composer 7.0 to 8.1

- Fixed crash with Media Composer 7.0
- Fixed render problem with Auto Tracking enabled
- Fixed 32kHz sample rate bug

Other Audio Program Support

QuickEnhance/VST v2.2.1 now available in 64bit for Creative Cloud support

QuickEnhance/VST v2.2.0 adds compatibility with VST plugin supported software programs

For more detail on platform support, click the Download Request Link


  QuickEnhance Product Page
Release Notes - DAC QuickEnhance/AS v2.3.0 and VST 2.2.1
Tutorial - Learn How to Convert Time Lapse Audio to Real Time Using Avid Media Composer


Download Request Form - QuickEnhance - Click Here

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DAC QuickEnhance Release History


DVR dCoder - Digital Surveillance Capturing and Decoding Tool

Digital Video Capturing and Decoding Tool

Version Release Date FREE TO - In Support As Of Date
DVR dCoder 2.54 06-19-2017 01-14-2007 or later


dTective Users - Download the dTective v7.5 cumulative installation instead
This includes all the latest updates. There is no need to download them separately. The installer also allows you to install DVR dCoder by itself if you are looking to install it on a second system.

DVR dCoder 2.54 is a maintenance release; updated installer only.


Download DVR dCoder - Click Here

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Avid Media Composer


Free Avid Software Upgrades - If you have an active Avid Assurance Support, you qualify to receive free Avid software upgrades for the term of the Assurance contract.

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