How do I export MPEG-2 files from Avid for a DVD? (Does not apply to Xpress Pro or Media Composer Adrenaline)

When exporting an MPEG-2 (the file type needed to create a DVD), Avid saves the video and audio separately as a .m2v file for the video and as a .wav file for the audio. You can export out your file by selecting the area of the clip you want in your pop-up window or in your Composer monitor. The entire clip can be marked or you can use In-Out marks to mark your area. Once you have it selected, go to File and Select "Export".

Choose "Export" from the File menu

After you select Export you will see the dialog box shown below. This will allow you to choose your options, to do so, click on the "Options" button in the lower right-hand side of the dialog box.

export as
Click the "options" button to select MPEG-2

Once you have selected "options" you will get the box like you see below where you can adjust your export settings.

mpeg 2 settings
MPEG-2 Export Settings

Choose MPEG-2 and the settings shown above. Once you have done this, click on the Save As box and this will bring up a box where you can enter in a unique name for your settings. In this case I will call it mpeg2.1 and click on OK.

save settings
Saving Export Setting

Now you are back to the Export Settings box. Click the "Save" button to return to the Export As dialog. At this point you can tell Avid where you would like to save the MPEG-2 file and click on OK. The exporting process will take more or less time depending on how long the clip is. Since you saved your export settings, you will not need to make these settings in the future. All you will need to do is open the Export As dialog and choose the saved mpeg setting from the Export Setting field.

Note: If you get an error message that says: “Process Failed Check the console for more details.” please refer to the online Avid document that can be found here. If the steps outlined on the Avid document do not fix the error, you will need to reinstall your Avid software.

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