Free download to fix the "Process Failed" error when exporting mpeg 2 files from Avid Xpress or Avid Xpress DV

Download the file here

This distribution contains two different batch files.

mpeg2fixdv.bat - fixes the mpeg2 error message in Avid Xpress DV
mpeg2fixxpress.bat - fixes the mpeg2 error message in Avid Xpress

Each file will fix the error mesage that comes up when attempting to export Mpeg2 files in Avid. The error message that says “Process Failed Check the console for more details.” For more information please refer to the Ocean Systems FAQ at

To perform the fix:

1. Close Avid if it is running.

2. Extract the appropriate version of the batch file. You can extract it anywhere you like. If you have Avid Xpress DV, use the mpeg2fixdv.bat file and if you have Avid Xpress use the mpeg2fixxpress.bat file.

3. Double-click on that file to run it.

4. Open Avid and try to export the Mpeg2 file, it should work now.

Product: Avid Xpress/Xpress DV
System(s): All
Versions: All
Issue ID: 77
Keywords: exporting, mpeg, process failed, check console, Issue ID 77