I am not getting any video when I try to output S-Video to my VCR

There are three ways that video can be outputted to a VCR, Component, Composite and S-Video. By default Avid Xpress will output to the three Composite outputs on the back of the Break Out Box (BOB) and either the Component OR S-Video connection. When you are ready to output, check all of your cable connections. Start at the back of the (BOB) and make sure you have a S-Video cable going from the S-Video output to the input of your VCR. The secondary output will default to the Component output. This needs to be changed to S-Video. To do this, go to Tools>Video Output Tool.

Output changed to S-Video

In the Video Output Tool dialog box go to Out2: Component/S-Video. Change the setting to the S-Video button in the top right side of the dialog box. This should now have a purple button to show that it is selected. Close out the dialog box and check your output.

Product: Avid Xpress
System(s): All
Versions: All
Issue ID: 6
Keywords: no video out, record to vcr, can't record, video output, issue ID 6