Why does my screen go black when I try to play a sequence in the pop up monitor or in the Composer window?

If your screen goes black when playing back a sequence, two things can be happening:

1. If you have an effect on the timeline and it is not a real-time effect make sure you render it before attempting to play it back. You can tell if it is rendered by looking at the plug-in effect icon on the timeline and seeing there is a blue dot next to it.

2. The video track monitor button has been disabled for the track you are trying to view. Turn the monitor button back on and you should be able to play back video normally.

3. Check your video card hardware acceleration and make sure it is set to "full" before you open Avid.

Product: Avid Xpress/Xpress DV
System(s): All
Versions: All
Issue ID: 26
Keywords: screen goes black, can't play video, no video out, black composer window, issue ID 26