Creating Files for a DVD

1. Before you begin creating the DVD files, create and select an MPEG-2 export setting. See Creating a MPEG-2 for DVD.

2. Select a sequence in a bin.

3. Go to File>Create DVD.

The Create DVD dialog box appears.

4. Select one of the following options:

  • Export MPEG-2 and WAV Files: Use this option if you want to export your sequence in a format that can be used by a DVD authoring package such as DVDit! by Sonic Solutions.
  • Create DVD Volume on disk: If you don't have DVD writing hardware attached to your Avid system, you can use this option to create a DVD volume. Then you can move the DVD volume to a system that has DVD writing hardware and software.
  • Create DVD Volume and Write to DVD: If you have DVD writing hardware attached to your Avid system, you can choose this option to create the necessary files and send them directly to the DVD writing hardware. Make sure that the DVD writing hardware is connected and ready before you execute the command.

5. Select a folder in which to store the generated files.

6. Choose an MPEG-2 export setting from the Export Setting pop-up menu.

7. (Optional) Click Modify to make any changes to the export setting in the Export Settings dialog box.

8. Click OK to start the export.

A progress indicator shows your progress.
The length of export depends on the length of the media you are exporting. For example, it might take more than 1 hour to export a 3-minute sequence.

During the creation process, the system renders all effects and creates MPEG-2 files from the video media. The system also creates .wav files from the audio media.
When you select the Create DVD Volume on Disk option, the system creates a folder named DVDVolume. This folder contains the following two folders:



Use the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders with your DVD writing application to create the DVD.
The system creates an additional folder for storing the DVDVolume folder. The name of this additional folder is based on the sequence name. You can check for the name of this folder in the Create DVD dialog box.

The Create DVD Volume on Disk option also allows you to save the resulting MPEG-2 and .wav files. The system prompts you with a dialog box after the volume is created.

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