How to delete Avid Media Properly?

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Manually deleting Avid Media
It is extremely important that you understand the proper way to delete media. You should avoid deleting media from Windows Explorer. It is generally easier to delete media off your drives before you delete projects.

To delete media from a project:

1. Open the bin containing the media you are going to delete.

2. Highlight the media you want to delete.

3. Hit the delete key on the keyboard

4. Important: To delete media off the hard drives, check both the master clip check box and the associated media file(s) check box. The master clip is the reference clip while the associated media file is the actual file that resides on your video drive, taking up space.

5. Once you have chosen to delete the associated media file and have confirmed that you want to delete the file, the video clip is removed from the hard drive and cannot be retrieved. It is not sent to a trash or recycle bin. BE CAREFUL!!

6. If you only check the first check box, Delete 1 master clip(s), you will only delete a reference clip and not the actual media file. This is important if someone else is using the clip in a separate project.

7. You can also delete anything else residing in your bin, including sequences. If you are trying to free hard drive space and your bin contains sequences that are no longer important, do not hesitate to delete them. Sequences contain links to precomputes (rendered files), which are just as large as any digitized media. Deleting the sequence will delete any referenced precomputes.

8. If you would like to save your sequences but delete only precompute files, click the fast menu on your bin, and select “set bin display”. Click the “rendered effects” option. You can then highlight and delete any rendered effects in the bin.

Deleting Media Using the Media Tool

The Media Tool allows you to look at any project on your hard drives and interactively select from media files, precomputes and master clips.

To open the Media Tool:

1. Select Media Tool from the Tools menu.

2. Select your video drive and select any or all of the projects on your computer.

3. Select from Master Clips, Precompute Clips or Media Files, (or select all three)

4. The Media Tool will display all the files you have selected. You can delete files by highlighting and hitting the delete key. Remember that deleting from the Media Tool is the same as deleting from a bin, so again, be careful.

5. Media can also be dragged from the Media Tool to a bin, in the event that you want to use media in various projects.

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