Why does my deck feedback when I open the digitize tool?

This can happen for several reasons. The most common cause is you have your audio coming in and going out of the same AV I/O port. Many decks have multiple audio and video inputs (typically AV1 and AV2). By simply switching your input to different I/O port, the feedback should disappear.

Another cause is a term called E>E (Electronic to Electronic). What this means is when you open the AV I/O by opening the digitize tool, you introduce an electronic loop - video and audio are being input and output simultaneously which caused feedback. Many decks have an option to turn off E>E in their menus. The other option besides E>E that you will find in the menu is PB, meaning playback. This option will turn off the E>E loop, which will eliminate feedback.

Product: Avid Xpress/Xpress DV
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