My drives are not showing up in the Digitize Tool

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If you go into the Digitize Tool and it says "Drives Not Available" go into My Computer and check to see if you can see your drives there. It will most likely be Video-1 (E:), the drive letter may vary depending on your system. If your computer can see the drives, you will need to disable the Filter Based on Resolution settings. To disable it, go to the settings tab on your Project Window by clicking on the Settings button and then scroll down and double-click the Media Creation category.

media creation
Media Creation Category

Once you are in the Media Creation category a dialog box will appear like the one shown below:

media creation settings
Filter Based on Resolution

Make sure Filter Based on Resolution is deselected.

Product: Avid Xpress
System(s): All
Versions: 3.0 - current
Issue ID: 9
Keywords: drives not showing up, no drives available, media drives need to be prepared, issue ID 9