How do I export a sequence of files for use in a PowerPoint presentation?

This article describes the procedures neccessary to export a series of sequential Tif files. These files can then be brought in to PowerPoint using the Photo Album creator (standard on PowerPoint 2002 and higher - free download available for earlier versions). To round out the functionality of the PowerPoint Photo Album creator, there are two macros available for download from Ocean Systems.

Exporting Sequential Tif Files:

Avid Xpress can export a number of different still image file formats. An uncompressed Tiff file is highly recommended.

1. On your Timeline, mark an IN and an OUT point on the frame of video you would like to export.
2. Select Export from the File menu and click the options button
3. Select TIFF as the Graphic Format and select 648 X 486 as the Width X Height.
4. Select the Use Marks check box, Scale to Fit, 601 Color Levels and Single Field.
5. Make sure the Sequential Files check box has been checked.
6. Select Save As… to save your settings as a template. You can call the template tiff 648 X 486 SEQ.
7. Select a directory on your hard drive to save the images to.

Avid will export an image for each frame of video. There are 30 frames per second of video, so Avid will quickly export possibly hundreds of still images.

For Further information on using the PowerPoint Photo Album creator and the Ocean Systems Macros, click here to download a pdf instruction manual.

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