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How to locate your Avid Dongle SN and Avid Systems ID?

1) Look at your Avid Dongle attached card and find the 8 characters string.

Avid Dongle SN commonly startes with one of the following.

2E46 or 5482 or EF55 or 7AAA or F002 0

If you cannot find it there, you can find it using a program called DongleDumper.

This can be found in the following directory on your Avid system:

c:\Program Files\Avid\Utilities\DongleDumper\ and running the dongledumper.exe.

Avid System ID

This is really your product software ID but they call it a Systems ID because originally Avids where hardware/software combinations.

If you are already unlocked, you can view things information in the flowing ways.

- The License Profile tab of the Avid License Control tool

- The Avid editing application splash screen (Help > About Avid editing application)

If you have a dongle attached, check the License Profile tab

of the Avid License Control tool or use DongleManager to obtain your System ID.

See the steps below for information about this utility.

To retrieve your System ID with a dongle attached:

1. Navigate to one of the following locations:

t (Windows) Program Files\Avid\Utilities\DongleManager

t (Macintosh) Applications/Utilities/Avid Utilities/DongleManager

2. Double-click DongleManager.

A window opens and displays your System ID.

3. Copy the System ID, and then close the terminal window.