I changed the hardware acceleration on my video card and now I am having trouble running Avid

There are several different types of errors that can occur when the hardware acceleration on your video card has been changed from Full to None or even halfway.

Avid Xpress

If you have Avid Xpress when you go to playback video the image stays frozen on the current frame your position indicator is parked on. If you move the position indicator manually it will refresh the frame being viewed but you can still not playback the video.

Avid Xpress DV

In Xpress DV you may get an error message like the one below:

Avid Xpress Pro

In Xpress Pro you may get an error message that says: "Exception: DecompStream:GetFinishedFrame Corrupt frame detected in Raw Footage frame 1 of sequence" when playing back video. The frame number may vary depending on the playback.


In order to run Avid you need to have the hardware acceleration turned to Full. This can be down by:

1. First close Avid, if open.
2. Go into your Display settings (right click on your desktop and go to Properties).
3. Go to the Settings tab, click on Advanced, go to the Troubleshooting tab.
4. Change the Hardware Acceleration to Full.
5. Click on Apply, then OK.
6. Now reopen Avid and it should operate properly.

Product: Avid Xpress/Xpress DV
System(s): All
Versions: All
Issue ID: 49
Keywords: hardware acceleration, avid doesn't open, video card, issue ID 49