Creating MPEG-2 Files

There are a number of things to consider when rendering MPEG-2 files. Most importantly is how much disk space is needed for a clip to be exported out of Avid. Taking a 1-minute portion of video inside of Avid Xpress, we exported it in a few different settings. They are listed in the chart below. Also included is the amount of time it took for that clip to render.

Clip Length (includes audio)
Render Time in Avid
Disk Space Required
8 Mbps
1 minute
6 minutes
70 MB
6 Mbps
1 minute
6 minutes
55 MB
4 Mbps
1 minute
6 minutes
40 MB

With this information you can extrapolate how much time it will take to render a clip you are working with as well as how much disk space is required. For example, knowing that you have a two-hour clip if you use the 8 Mbps setting it will take roughly 12 hours to render and requires 8.4 GB of disk space. If a 4 Mbps setting is used, it will still take roughly 12 hours to render but require 4.2 GB of disk space.

Render times may vary depending on your system. These settings do not apply to Sorenson Squeeze rendering, as the rendering time will be different for that MPEG-2 encoding process.

If you receive an error message stating “Process Failed Check the console for more details.” please go to: Process Failed to learn how to fix this issue.

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