How do I save a Common project to share Titles and Settings among several projects?

  1. Create a new project and call it Common.
  2. Create a bin called Titles.
  3. In the Titles bin, import your logo.
  4. You can also create a generic intro title or whatever else you may want here. You will eventually have several titles here.
  5. Close the Common project.

Now whenever you want to use those titles in a project you are working on follow the steps below.

  1. Open a project you are working on.
  2. Go to File --> Open Bin.
  3. In the dialog that appears point to the Common project you just created and select the Titles bin. The path will be where your project files are stored, by default that is:

c:\Project Files\Avid\Avid Xpress\Avid Projects\Common (Xpress Systems)

c:\Project Files\Avid\Avid Xpress DV\Avid Projects\Common (Xpress DV Systems)

c:\Project Files\Avid\Avid Xpress Pro\Avid Projects\Common (Xpress Pro/Mojo Systems)

c:\Project Files\Avid\Media Composer\Avid Projects\Common (Media Composer/Adrenaline Systems)

  1. In that project folder you will see your Titles bin, select it and click on Open.
  2. You will now see that bin and be able to access it in your current project. It will be at the bottom of your project window in a folder that says Other Bins. Double-click it to open it and you will see the other bin(s) that you have to access.

The benefit here is that you won't be repeatedly creating the same media over and over. That takes up space each time you do that on your hard drives. This allows you to share the same media over several projects. Remember, every time you create a title it takes up nearly 2 min of disk space. This adds up over several projects and several titles.

You may also want to share plug-in settings in a similar way as well. You can create a bin for the project settings by the same method described above. This would be useful for things like resizing quad views, you can create a upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right group of quad settings and then save those settings into your bin, I would create a new bin called Settings for this. See How to I save Effects/Plug-in Settings? to learn how to save plug-in settings.

Product: Avid Xpress/Xpress DV/Pro/ADR Systems
System(s): All
Versions: All
Issue ID: 71
Keywords: common project, save settings, import settings, share settings, share title, issue ID 71