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Avid Media Composer - Where is my time line


Why can't I see my timeline?

Your timeline can disappear for a couple of reasons.

1. You closed it out. To re-open it you can go to Tools>Timeline or CTRL-0.

2. From time to time users may become corrupt. Commonly what will happen is that your timeline will disappear and you cannot re-open it. If your user has become corrupt you have two choices:

Delete the user and make a new one or restore a backed up user. To learn about restoring users go to this article.

3. Your computer may be configured for dual monitors and the timeline is shown on monitor that is not hooked up.

4. Your timeline has been dragged off screen or to a point on the screen where it can no longer be seen. To refresh the timeline location to it's default, do the following:


  • Select "Timeline" from the "Tools" menu
  • Select "Home" from the "Windows" menu


The timeilne will be restored to it's default location.

Issue ID: 31

Edited 11-18-16