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ClearID - If You Have Upgraded Your Adobe Photoshop, You Will Need To Re-Install ClearID

Prior to Photoshop CC, each version of Adobe Photoshop creates new folder structure for Script, Plug-Ins, Help and Actions.  Because these locations change with the new Photoshop installation, you will need to re-install Ocean Systems ClearID after you upgrade your Adobe Photoshop.

Here are a couple examples of how the folder structure changes.

Adobe Photoshop CS6/Presets/Scripts/
Adobe Photoshop CS6/Plug-ins/
Adobe Photoshop CS6/Help/
Adobe Photoshop CS6/Presets/Actions/

If you leave your previous versions of Adobe Photoshop on your system, ClearID will remain installed there also until you un-install that version of Adobe Photoshop.

Installation Instructions for Ocean Systems ClearID - Click Here

If you have any questions regarding installation, please contact



Product: ClearID
Date Edited 05/18/2016 CG
Keywords: ClearID Installation, plugins, plug-ins, plugins, photoshop upgrade