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Dongle and Graphic Card Identification

Dongle Identification

3A2A – dTective dongle

F97D – dCoder dongle


2E46 - Avid dongle

5482 - Avid dongle

EF55 - Avid dongle

7AAA - Avid dongle

F002 0 - Avid dongle


103 – Avid Dongless

Graphics Card Model Identification

Determine what graphics card you have in your system:

A) Right click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and select "Properties" or
click the main Windows Start button>Settings>Control Panel>System

B) Select the "Hardware" tab and click on "Device Manager? then click the "+" arrrow under " Display Adaptor" to see your graphics card model.


Avid Version Graphics Card (minimum) Estimate Avid Release Date
Avid MC v6.x 64bit only

nVidia PCIe FX 1500 driver 276.28
nVidia PCIe Quadro 600

Late 2011
Avid MC v5.x nVidia PCIe FX 1500  
Avid MC v4.x nVidia PCIe FX 1500  
Avid MC v2.8x/Avid Pro5.8x nVidia AGP FX 1100 Late 2005
Avid MC v2.5x/Avid Pro5.5x nVidia AGP 980  







Edited 7/08/16 TF