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ClearID Photoshop Plug-ins - Forensic Image Clarification & Analysis Workflow


Frequency Filters, Pattern Remover, Interactive Deblur, and Ultimate Sharpener crash when I try to run the plug-ins

This can be caused by a problem with the video card display DPI setting. By default most systems are set up with this set to Normal size (96 DPI). On some video cards this can be set to Large size (120 DPI). For the plug-ins above to work properly this needs to be set to Normal size (96 DPI). Follow the steps below to find out what your settings are.

  1. On the desktop, right-click on the desktop in an area where there are no icons or shortcuts.

Image 1

  1. You will be presented with a dropdown like you see in Image 1.  Choose Properties. 

Image 2

  1. This will open the Display Properties dialog as you see in Image 2.  Click on the Settings tab up in the top right-hand side of the dialog. 

Image 3

  1. You will then see the contents of the Settings tab.  Down on the bottom right click on the Advanced button. 

Image 4

  1. This will open the Monitor settings for your video card.  Depending on the video card you have, this dialog will vary.  By default it should open to the General tab as you see above.  If it did not, locate the General tab and click on it. 

  2. Under the Display section, you will find a drop down for the DPI setting.  As you see in Image 4, it is currently set to Large size (120 DPI).  Change it to Normal size (96 DPI) as you see in Image 5 and click OK.  Click OK again on the Display Properties dialog.    Note that you may be asked to reboot your system.  If you are asked to reboot your system save any files you are working on and reboot.

Image 5

  1. Once you have rebooted the system, try running the Frequency Filters, Pattern Remover, Interactive Deblur, and Ultimate Sharpener to ensure that they work.  If problems persist, please email
Product: ClearID
System(s): All
Versions: All
Issue ID: 85
Keywords: ClearID, plugins, plug-ins, plugins crash, photoshop, issue ID 85