(Send To) dPlex Pro from Avid integration has been refined.


The Avid "Send To" function allows to you reduce the steps required to open a video in dPlex Pro for demultiplexing.

Setting up the "Send To" function in Avid

Once you have the "Send To" functionality set up, select a clip to be multiplexed from the Avid bin or Time Line then use the Avid "Send To" dPlex Pro to send the clip to dPlex Pro where it will open ready to be demultiplexed. 

This replaces the following steps.  1) export QT uncompressed from Avid. 2) Launch dPlex Pro. 3) Browse to and open QT file in dPlex Pro.

Avid "Send To" dPlex Pro automates this process for you.  

With this latest version of dPlex Pro you no longer need to rename the camera views before saving them.  The camera view will take on the name of the project with camera 1, camera 2, etc for each de-multiplexed camera.

Tech Note: MC 6.0 and later (dated 12.12.12)

Send to dPlex Pro is currently not available in these versions. If you are using MC 6.0 or later, export a QT file, close Avid, then launch dPlex Pro.

Updated 12/20/12 -CG
Posted Date 8/14/09 -CG
Issue ID: 84