dTective Module Doesn't Appear in Avid Effects Palette After Installation.

If you have followed the dTective module installation exactly as instructed and yet your new dTective module does not appear in the Avid effect palette after installation, then replacing these Microsoft .DLL files should allow them to appear.

Note: Not all dTective modules are accessed through the Avid effects palette. (I.E. dPlex Pro and DVR dCoder.  These are accessed from your desktop).

Instructions on how to replace the .DLL files.

1. Close Avid, if open.
2. Open Windows Explorer.
3. Copy the .DLL files included in the zip file to the system32 folder. (Most likely will be C:\Windows\System32)
4. Open Avid and check the "effects palette" to see if the module are now viewable.

download this zip file

Product: All Avid Editing Software
System(s): All
Versions: All
Issue ID: 78
Keywords: dll, avx plugins, .dll, ARITHmatic not loading, issue ID 78