How do I apply dVeloper to dPlexed footage?

You will most likely run across a situation where you need to apply dVeloper to a piece of footage to which you have applied dPlex. This is not as simple as applying an effect on an effect, you will need to take steps to ensure this will work correctly.

The I-O-V Technique:

1. Make a new sequence (clip>new sequence) and name it “de-dplex”. With the dplexed footage open, mark an IN and on OUT on the first frame in which you see the subject you wish to apply dVeloper to.

2. Step through the video until you see the next image of your subject. Again mark an IN and an OUT and hit V to drop the next frame into the Timeline. Your goal is to use only the individual images of the subject, so continue this technique until you have all the images you need.

what your de-dPlex sequence should look like

Using Collapse

Now that you have added all the frames you need for your dVeloper effect, you need to use Collapse. The collapse feature will merge all the cuts you have created into one clip.

1. Mark an IN point at the beginning and an OUT point at the end of the dedplex sequence.

2. Open the Command Palette from the Tools Menu and click the “Other” tab. Make sure Active Palette is turned on. Push the Collapse button. You can also map the collapse button to your keyboard or your Timeline Toolbar.

The command palette's "other" category, where you will find the collapse command

3. When you push the Collapse button, the cuts on the Timeline are merged and Avid creates a “Submaster”.

4. You can now apply dVeloper to the clip on the Timeline - make sure you hold the ALT key down as you drag dVeloper to the Timeline.

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