Using DVR dCoder I get an Error message that says "Codec Could Not Compress Frame" 

Like what you see below:

When saving a file out of DVR dCoder using the Avid codecs the output file needs to be sized at 720x486, in most cases digital files are going to be a smaller then this resolution, typically being 320x240 or so.  When you are getting ready to save the file in DVR dCoder you will have a dialog box like you see below:

The Resizing field will be set to None.  This can be changed For North American customers you will use either the Scale to NTSC or the Black Border to NTSC options.  (European customers, you will use the PAL version)  If you choose the Scale to NTSC version it will resize your image to 720x486 and may have unintended stretching or skewing of your image.  It is recommended to use the Black Border to NTSC option, this will maintain the original aspect ratio of your image and pad the outside of it with a black border to create a file with a 720x486 image. 

Click on Process to save out the file.  You can then import that easily into Avid and resize there if desired. 

Product: DVR dCoder
System(s): All
Versions: All
Issue ID: 60
Keywords: DVR dCoer, can't compress frame, issue ID 60