dPlex Pro 2.5.3 is Not Displaying Video on my Secondary Monitor


1) Drag the dPlex Pro interface to your primary monitor is the easiest fix
2) Turn on a Windows Aros Themes if you want it to work on both monitors


I am getting an error opening dPlex Pro in a dual monitor mode.

On opening dPlex Pro in a dual monitor mode you may get an error message like the one below:

There is a program called the Matrox tweak utility. We install the Matrox tweak utility on all newer systems. It is also possible that some people with older systems were directed to install this utility through the FAQ section on our website. This utility fixes a distortion around your mouse cursor that was occurring on some, not all, systems using the Matrox video card. The Matrox tweak utility program was causing an interference with dPlex Pro and you will need to change a setting.

Note: Make sure you are in dual monitor mode while you are doing this, you may also want to review the following link http://oceansystems.com/support/dual_monitors.htm to find out how to properly configure dual monitors, if the setup is incorrect it will affect the proper operation of your system. If you are configuring dual monitors for the first time, or just switched from single to dual monitor mode after installing dPlex Pro, you may need to reboot your system first before opening dPlex Pro.

1. Do a search for this file, MTSTU40409.exe. It will most likely be under c:\drivers\video\tweak. It will be in different places depending on whether we installed it or you did.
2. Once you find it, run it by double-clicking on it.
3. It will open up, click on the button that says Tweak.
4. Go to the last tab, which is Misc.
5. You will see two settings, Force Bus Mastering Off and Force Bitmap Caching Off. Change the setting to Force Bus Mastering On and click on apply. It will ask you to reboot.
6. Once you are rebooted dPlex Pro should now open.


Product: dPlex Pro
System(s): All
Versions: All
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