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ClearID Photoshop Plug-ins - Forensic Image Clarification & Analysis Workflow


Photoshop - Downloading and Install Demo Version

You much have Photoshop installed on your system before installing ClearID

Installing Adobe Photoshop is done through Adobe's Creative Cloud Application Manager. This is a standalone application that will provide you a means for adding, updating, removing, and activating
trial versions for Adobe applications.

If you have Adobe's Creative Cloud Application Manager installed and you are familiar with using it, launch it > Sign in if requested > Go to the Apps Tab > Photoshop > Click Try, and it will download and install.

If you don't have the Adobe's Creative Cloud Application install and an Adobe Account, we will walk you through the 2 processes for getting your Photoshop demo copy installed.

Installing Adobe Photoshop From the Adobe Photoshop Web Page

1) To install Photoshop as a demo version, go to the Adobe Photoshop Web site and click Free Trial

2) If you have an account, sign in. If not, you need to create and Adobe Account

3) Once you log in, the Creative Cloud App will launch and the download and installation will begin.

4) Be patient. This download process can take a while depending on your internet speeds.

If the above process is not working well for you, you can download the Creative Cloud Apps program first and install Adobe Photoshop from that Creative Cloud Apps interface.

Downloading and Using the Creative Cloud Apps Program

To download it Creative Cloud Apps Manager manually, visit the Creative Cloud for Desktop Apps Page 

1) Once downloaded, install the Adobe Application Manager

2) If you have an account, sign in. If not create and Adobe ID and sign in

3) Next access it from Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Adobe Creative Cloud or from your Windows Taskbar where it appears as a cloud

4) Next, click the Apps panel.

5) Scroll down to find Photoshop CC

6) Click Try and the demo copy will download and install.