How do I make a DVD?

This is an increasingly common question. With the advent of the DVD players, such as the Pioneer DVR A04, it has become easier to author and create your own DVD disks. There a few different types of DVD’s that you can make, explained below.

Data DVD - The first and easiest method is to create a data DVD. A data DVD is simply a way to store data files on your DVD to take advantage of the large storage capabilities (Generally 4.5GB and up depending on your drive and media). Any files can be used and this is a very convenient way to back up large amounts of data for archival purposes. Programs like Pioneers Record Now and Roxio’s EZ CD-Creator can be used to create a simple data DVD.

Movie DVD - The second type of DVD is a video DVD. A video DVD allows you to play back video or still files on a DVD player hooked up to your TV set at home or on a software DVD player such as PowerDVD. This method is not difficult but there are a few basic concepts that need to be understood to make the process work properly. DVD movies need to be exported out as a MPEG-2 format, which when saved, is an .m2v file extension. MPEG-2 files encode the audio separately in a .wav file format. These files are then stored in a folder called DVDVolume. Inside the DVDVolume folder there are two folders called AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. These are the folders the DVD player will read to display your video DVD.

Avid Xpress and Xpress DV allow you to create a DVD right from their interface. This can be done in a few different ways and is explained in detail in our article Creating Files for a DVD. Essentially if you create a DVD right from Avid’s interface you will not have the option of creating a menu driven screen like you see on most DVD movies you operate on a home DVD player. To create a menu driven DVD movie you will need DVD authoring software such as Sonic’s DVDit that is bundled with many of Avid’s systems.

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