Using Reel DVD to Create a DVD

Current versions of Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Media Composer Adrenaline no longer have support for direct creation of a DVD from the Avid timeline. Because of this, the included ReelDVD software must be used to create a DVD. Use the steps below to create a simple DVD for use in a computer or a set top DVD player. The instructions below outline how to create a looping DVD out of a single MPV file and a single WAV file.

Create your MPEG-2 files as explained in the "Using Sorenson Squeeze" support article.

Open ReelDVD and click on the "View" menu. Select "Explorer Window" to open a Windows Explorer type interface. Browse to the MPV and WAV file created by Sorenson Squeeze.

view explorer

dvd explorer window

Drag and drop the MPV file to the "stage" area of the ReelDVD interface (the main area with the three buttons). Note: Video files MUST be added before audio files.

Drag and drop the WAV file on top of the video file on the stage - Important: When dragging WAV files to the stage area, they must be dragged ON TOP of the video file, otherwise REEL DVD will generate an error saying your WAV file is not supported. Drag the WAV file as shown below:

adding wav file to reeldvd

In this example, the MPV file (and associated WAV file) will play as soon as the DVD player recognizes the disc. In order to do this, links must be created to the MPV file. Drag the green area on the autoplay button to the MPV file on the storyboard area. Drag the green areas on the Title and Menu buttons to the MPV file as well.

drag menu button

If you want to have your video loop, drag the "next" button ( looks like >>| ) to the left, back on to the same MPV file, as shown below.

drag end action

You now have enough information to burn your video to DVD. The DVD will automatically play your video when inserted, and will loop at the end of the video. Pressing the menu or title buttons on the remote will restart playback of the video.

To burn the DVD, select "Make Disc" from the File menu. We have found for best results that you allow REEL DVD to also build a DVD Volume and a disc image on your hard drive for best results, so be sure to check all of the selection boxes. Under step 2, be sure to select directories for both the Disc Image and the DVD Video files.

make disc

For more advanced DVD authoring techniques, it is recommened that you go through the tutorial that shipped with your copy of Reel DVD.

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