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Custom Installing dPlex Pro on a System

Installing and Unlocking dPlex Pro Standalone

Install dPlex Pro from the dTective Suite installer using the custom installation option. 

Download the Latest Version
If you don’t have the latest version of dTective bundle with the latest dPlex Pro, you can download it from: > Support/Downloads > Download Tab > dTective

  • Download dTective®

  • Do a custom install of dPlex Pro only.

  • This will install dPlex Pro and the dongle drivers. 

  • If the dongle is not plugged in, plug it into USB port.

  • Launch dPlex Pro and go to Help > Register

  • Enter you unlock code.

If you get a dongle not found message, read below "Dongle Not Found" below.

Using dPlex Pro

Access the dPlex Pro product guide from the help menu for instruction on how to us it.

Help videos – Help video can be found on the Ocean System Youtube Channel


"Dongle Not Found" when I try to run

  • dTective AVX
  • dPlex Pro
  • DVR dCoder

In order for the dongle to be found, you must have the Sentinel Protection driver installed.

1. The driver may be found on your system under C:\Ocean Systems\usbdrivers


2. You can also download the drivers. (Right Click/Save As)




Edited 4/13/17 LC