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ClearID Photoshop Plug-ins - Forensic Image Clarification & Analysis Workflow


How to Roll Back Older Versions of Photoshop

This program used to be called Application Manager. If you have CS5.5 or later, it should have been installed when you installed PS.  You can use this even if you are not a Creative Cloud users i.e you have CS6.  But if you are a CC 2014 user and want to install CS6 or roll back to another version of Photoshop that is supported by ClearID, here is how you do it.

Download and Install Creative Cloud Apps


Creative Cloud for desktop app is installed automatically when you download a product. If you already have Adobe Application Manager installed, it auto-updates itself to the Creative Cloud for desktop app. To download it manually, visit the Creative Cloud for desktop app page.


    Access Adobe Creative Cloud from the Taskbar (Windows) or the Apple toolbar (Mac OS).

  2. Click the Apps panel. Recently installed apps on your computer appear at the top of the panel. The list may include previously installed versions.

  3. Scroll down to find new apps. You can also filter by category to find apps that you need.

  4. Click Install or Update.

  5. To download and install a previous version of an app, select Previous Version, and then choose a version from the Install menu.