How do I import a movie file with audio into PowerPoint?

This is most easily done by importing an AVI file that has been exported from Avid. PowerPoint cannot play an MPEG file in which the audio and video have been separated - AVI files embed audio and video into the same file.

To insert a movie file in a PowerPoint presentation, Click the Insert button and select "Movies and Sounds". Next, select "Movie from File" and browse to your saved AVI file. If you do not want the file to play automatically, so select "no" when PowerPoint asks if you want the file to play automatically.


Please keep in mind that this file will play fine in your PowerPoint presentation as long as you are viewing the presentation on the computer that it was created on. If you will be taking this presentation to another computer, you must use the "pack and go" feature of PowerPoint. Pack and Go will create a folder with the presentation and all of it's associated assets included.

If you are unsure of which settings to use for your AVI file, follow the guidelines below:

Exporting an AVI Movie File - click here for a support article on exporting

1. Mark IN and OUT points on a clip or timeline that you would like to export.
2. Select Export from the File menu and hit the Options button.
3. Select AVI from the Export As drop down menu.
4. Select Codec Options.
5. In the Codec Options window, select Cinepak Codec by Radius.
6. Drag the Compression Quality slider all the way to 100 and deselect 'Key Frame Every' and 'Data Rate'.
7. Select Video and Audio
8. Change Width and Height to 320 X 240
9. Save the AVI Settings, and save the AVI file to a directory on the hard drive.

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