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Quicktime Exporting Options

The QuickTime TIFF, BMP Export CODEC Option Missing When Saving Files

If the Qucktime format is not available at all, you most likely don't have Quicktime installed.

Go to > Add/Remove Programs and look for Quicktime. If not listed, you can download it here.

QuickTime 7.7.9 Downloads

This version of Quicktime allows you to do a custom install of "Quicktime Essentials" without loading the Quicktime player. Essentials will provide you the Quicktime CODEC to export to .MOV

If you have an Avid system or other software that uses Quicktime, check to see what version are compatible.

Options for Exporting with and without Quicktime Player Installed

If IT will not allow you to have QuickTime player installed on your system, you have a couple options

1) Export to another format like AVI

2) Do a custom install of QuickTime without the player and export to compression type - none, with millions of colors instead of millions plus. This will export without tha Alpha channel

3) Install QuickTime CODEC and player, enable legacy CODECs as show below then goto add/remove programs > modify, and remove the player. The CODEC and Legacy settings will remain.

Enabling Legacy CODECs

Once QuickTime is installed, if you want to enable the MOV with TIFF CODEC option, do the following.

1) Launch Quicktime

2) Go to Edit > Preferences > Quicktime Preferences. 

3) Cick on the Advanced tab and look toward the bottom of the window.
4) Check the box next to the statement "Enable encoding using legacy codecs.


QT Preferences


Now when you export from to QuickTime, you will have the option for TIFF, BMP, etc.