Using Sorenson Squeeze 4 to Create an MPEG-2 file

Current versions of Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Media Composer Adrenaline no longer have support for direct export of MPEG-2 files from the Avid interface. Because of this, the included Sorenson Squeeze software must be used to create an MPEG-2 file. Use the steps below to create an MPEG-2 file for use in a DVD authoring package such as Sonic Reel DVD. A Tutorial on using Reel DVD can be found here.

If you are using an older version of Sorenson Squeeze, please refer to this support document.

Export your clip from Avid as a QuickTime Reference file. With your clip or sequence selected (or opened in a pop up window) select File>Export and push the "Export As" button. Select "QuickTime Reference" from the drop-down menu. The QuickTime Reference options window is shown below:

Open Sorenson Squeeze. Click the "File Open" icon (or choose "File>Open") and browse to your exported QuickTime Reference file.

Once the file is opened in Sorenson Squeeze, expand the MPEG-1/2 (.mpg) settings. Right click the DVD_NTSC_LG setting and choose "Apply Preset" (DVD_NTSC_LARGE should work fine, unless your QuickTime Reference file is over an hour long). If working with PAL, use the PAL setting instead. The DVD presets will be added to your source file.

To change the output folder, right click the source file and choose "Modify Output Directory". Select the folder where you would like your destination MPEG and WAV files to be saved.

Sorenson Squeeze now has all the information it needs to begin the encoding job, so press the "Squeeze It" button. Squeeze will begin encoding your QuickTime Reference file into an MPEG-2 file.

The resulting MPEG-2 file will have an "mpv" file extension, and is ready for use in any DVD authoring program, such as Sonic Reel DVD. Note that audio is encoded separately as a WAV file. if your QuickTime Reference file did not contain audio, Squeeze will still also create 1 KB WAV file. This file is not needed for DVD authoring and can be deleted.

Product: Sorenson Squeeze 4
System(s): Avid Xpress Pro, Avid Media Composer
Versions: All
Issue ID: 83
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