How to go to Tape using S- Video from the JVC SR-MV45

Make sure both Front and Rear AUX are set to S Video, to do this you will have to set the remote to DVD (see figure 1.)

Figure 1

On front of the Deck the green light should be on DVD red arrow (see figure 2.)

Figure 2

Then press set up on Remote, the screen should look like (see figure 3.) In the Function Set Up Tab set Front AUX F-1 to S-Video and Rear AUX L-1 to S-Video. Push Enter then Set Up on Remote again to escape. Now you will need to set the Remote back to VCR (see figure 1.) Now on the front of the Deck the green light should be on VCR blue arrow (figure 2.)

Now you are ready to go back to tape. Play video in Avid and Press Record on the Deck, a Red Icon will appear on display of the Deck.  Keep in mind when Viewing the tape the Capture tool has to be open with the correct settings.

Figure 3

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