How do I create a watermark or use an agency logo in my video?

Creating a watermark is a very easy process. Using a photo editor like Photoshop you can save an image out with a logo to create a very easy to use watermark in Avid.

The steps shown here will utilize Photoshop to create the watermark. They may vary depending on your photo editor.

  1. Create a new document, 720 x 486, 72 dpi, transparent background. This can be done by going to File à New.

Figure 1. Creating a new image.

  1. In the dialog that appears you will enter in the following settings


Figure 2. Settings for new image.

  1. Find your logo that you wish to use for the watermark and open that in Photoshop alongside the transparent image you just created. To open the logo go to File à Open and point to the location where that logo resides on your system.

Figure 3. Opening a logo image to use for the watermark.

  1. Make sure your logo is highlighted in Photoshop (look at the title bar and make sure it is not gray) and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-A. This should select the entire logo.
  2. Now copy that logo by going back to the Edit menu, Edit à Copy or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-C.

Figure 5. Copying the image.

  1. Now you will need to select the new transparent image you created, click on the image with your mouse and check the title bar to make sure it is not gray. You can go to Edit à Paste or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-V. This will paste the logo into the transparent image.
  2. Using your mouse you can position the logo where you like in the image.

Figure 6. Logo positioned in the transparent image.

  1. Now save your image as a .psd Photoshop file. This can be done going File à Save.

Figure 7. Saving the file.

  1. Now you can import this into Avid. With Avid open and a bin highlighted that you wish to import the image into, go to File à Import. (Note: Make sure the bin is selected and the title bar is not gray, otherwise the Import option will be grayed out until you choose a bin to import the psd file into.)

Figure 8. Importing .psd file into Avid.

  1. In the dialog that appears, navigate to your .psd watermark file that you created and select it. Now click on the Options button in the bottom right of the window.

Figure 9. Import window.

  1. Under Options you set the Alpha channel to "Invert existing alpha".

Figure 10. Import Options.

  1. Import that in with the settings above and now you have a watermark image in your bin that is called a Matte Key.

Figure 11. Matte Key for the watermark.

  1. You can now take that Matte key and drop it on V2 of your timeline.

Figure 12. Timeline view of the watermark.

  1. Figure 12 shows what the timeline looks like for the watermark. You can see that the monitoring for V2 is turned on so that V2 is viewable. Since the psd file you imported is transparent except for the logo you pasted into, you should be able to see any video you might have on V1.

Figure 13. Composer Window showing the watermark.

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