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Forensic Video Analysis Overview
Forensic Video Analysis
Overview Video
Command staff level presentation of forensic video clarification and analysis and its benefits.
DVR Video Recovery Field Kit
Omnivore Field Kit Overview Now first responders and experienced analysts alike can go on scene with confidence that they will walk away with an uncompressed copy of the video evidence they need to investigate the case.
Capturing Digital Video from Proprietary Players
Omnivore - Digital Video Capturing Omnivore - Capture digital surveillance files (including proprietary format) into a uncompressed copy so you can continue to process your evidence using the dTective/ClearID tools.
Video and Image Clarification Workflow Videos
ClearID Image Clarification What's new in ClearID for Adobe Photoshop and How To Videos
Audio Clarification Tools
QuickEnhance/AS QuickEnhance/AS is perfect for quickly reducing interfering noise problems and extracting intelligible speech signals from audio captured on audio and video surveillance tapes.
Manage & Share Digital Media Assets and Proprietary Players
QuickDME™ Overview Video QuickDME™ allows you to ingest digital media assets and players, then associate them to specific file types. It supports all digital media files including video, images, audio, documents and programs.
Avid and dTective AVX Plugins
  Avid Timeline Containing up to 24 video and audio tracks, the Avid Timeline gives you unparalleled flexibility when examining forensic video.
Forensic Video Processing, Analysis and Presentation
Time code stamping a video The Time code AVX plug-in allows the Forensic Video Analyst to timestamp security video images to within 1/60th of a second.
Indexing Video with Case Notes An analyst can easily add notes using "locators" Once indexed, you can instantly jump before locators and read the on-screen case notes you created.
Comparative Analysis Reverse Projection and reliable height analysis are made easy with the Avid superimpose feature.
Frame Averaging dVeloper - remove noise and video graininess through a time-lapse processing technique called frame averaging. You can also process video using super resolution frame averaging in ClearID
Highlighting/Masking Faces and Objects SpotLight allows you to easily define an area in the video then highlight or obscure as the object of interest moves across the screen.
Zooming and Resizing Video MAGNIFi - enlarge a section of the video and display the result either full screen or to a user defined portion of the screen.
Video Stabilization Draw a region of interest around an unstable area of video and allows the computer to track and stabilize the video.
Color Correction The easy-to-use color correction tools analyze and correct poor lighting and compensate for camera dome filters to recover the accurate colors of the original scene.
Picture-in-Picture The ability to display one moving image within another offers dynamic, side-by-side comparisons, demonstrating consistencies between known images and suspect images.
  Titling Avid includes a powerful titling package, which can be used to help explain complicated video evidence.
  Analog Video Digitizing Working on legacy cases ? - The original security systems that were brought to market where based on analog tapes such as VHS and SVHS. When dealing with a case like this, you much first digital the tape to covert if to an uncompressed digital copy so you can then work on it.  Most lightly the next step will be to demultiplex it using dPlex or dPlex Pro before using additional Avid and dTective suite features discussed below.
De-Multiplexing Video dPlex Pro is primarily used to demultiplex analog video recorded on VHS tape. While more and more security video system are now digital, dPlex Pro is still a useful tool for those times when you do receive analog video or when you are doing cold case work that was recorded to tape. dPlex Pro can demultiplex multiple camera views in one pass. Once demultiplexed, select which camera views you would like to view then save then as individual video clips or as "matrix" view of several cameras.
Time-Lapse Video Convert time-lapse video into real time using the Avid Motion Effect.
  De-Interlacing dTective allows an analyst to de-interlace field based video, allowing up to 60 images per second to be analyzed.
Managing Media
Database Features All video stored in the Avid is in a database that is searchable. You can even add custom categories such as clothing, race, sex. This allows the analyst to later perform search, sorts and sifts to locate video that matches their desired terms. This feature was used extensively to process the Stanley Cup Riots
Script-Based Editing A transcript of a suspect or witness interview or of an undercover operation can be aligned to the audio and video. A simple word search can locate a specific word, phrase, or sentence and then cue and play the video from that point.
Meta Sync Avid Systems provide twenty-four tracks for synchronized metadata, linking any digital investigative asset directly to the video evidence. Assets include word processing documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, digital photos or virtually any digital file that can be accessed on a computer.
  Consolidating Upon completion of an investigation, Avid allows the analyst to discard video and audio clips no longer required for disclosure purposes.
Archiving Projects - archive-R

Backup Avid and DVR video cases: In one simple archive process, archive-R allows you to archive to a hard drive, burn to removable media, and remove the original archived files from your system.

Evidence Disclosure
Exporting Export to over two dozen industry-standard file formats, create an entire sequence of uncompressed still images containing every image of a suspect caught on tape or encodes to all major digital video formats including AVI, Quick Time, WMV and MPEG.
  CD/DVD Burning Each dTective system ships with a CD/DVD/Blue Ray burner.