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dTective 8.0 - Includes ClearID 3.3.3 (11-12-18)

Available for download

Avid Media Composer 2018.10 (10-24-18)

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ClearID 3.3.3 - 64bit - Released (10-18-18)

Updated for PS CC 2019 - Available for download

Omnivore v3.0.0.26 Released (06-15-18)
Available for download

Omnivore USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 Drive Upgrade Program

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QuickDME - Digital Evidence Asset Manager - (06-05-18)

Available for download

archive-R 1.13 - Avid Project Archiving and Restoration Tool (04-12-17)

Available for download

QuickEnhance Audio Clarification AAX v2.3.2, AS v2.3, VST v2.2.1 64bit (02 -01- 15)

AAX Supports Media Composer 8.2 - AS Supports Media Composer 7.0 to 8.1

Available for download

Omnivore Field Kits (5-10-13)

Supports Video Captures From: VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite Sources
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Forensic Processing Workstations

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Forensic Processing Workstations


The Tower from Ocean Systems - 8-Core Avid Qualified CPU


16 Core Xeon Processing

  • UHD/4K/1080P Qualified
  • SSD System Boot Drive
  • USB 3.0 (Ext)
  • M-Disc - Blu-ray RW/DVD-RW/CD-RW (Int )
  • Write Blockers¬†Optional
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