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Training Courses Offered and Dates

  • FVA 101: Forensic Video Analysis (Intro Course) - (5 Day) - Available Dates
  • FVRP: Investigative Processing  - Forensic Video Recovery & Processing (3 Day)
  • DVRREC: DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course - (2 Day) - Available Dates
  • Image Clarification & Processing w/ClearID - (4hrs, On-line) - Learn More
  • Forensic Video Certification Programs
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Custom Training Services

Do you need remote custom training by product, workflow review or even case consulting ? We can provide you targeted training that addresses your specific needs without you leaving the office. 

Ordering and Registration

Registration happens after you have ordered a training voucher which is good for 1 year.

You can order training online using our online store or generate an online training proposal to submit for budgeting, or of course, we welcome you to call and speak to a sales representative. 

If you have already ordered your training seats and have your voucher or order number, find the class(s) that interests you below and submit your registration request.


FVA 101: Introduction To Forensic Video Analysis - (5 Day)

Products & Tools Utilized and Discussed:
Omnivore, Omnivore Field Kit, Photoshop/ClearID, Avid Media Composer and dTective Suite with ClearID Filters for Video Editing/Redaction and QuickDME Digital Media Processing Workflow Engine


AUG 26 - 30 (M-F) 2019 - (Ocean Systems, MD)


May 13 - 17 (M-F) 2019 - (Ocean Systems, MD)
Dec 3-7 (M-F) 2018 - (Ocean Systems, MD)
Aug 20-24 (M-F) 2018 - (Ocean Systems, MD)
May 14-18 (M-F) 2018 - (Ocean Systems, MD)
Feb 26-Mar 2 (M-F) 2018 - (Ocean Systems, MD)


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FVRP: Investigative Processing - (3 Day) - $895

Hands-on investigative processing. Students spend the majority of the class doing hands-on investigative processing tasks like extracting the video to a playable format, extracting images, converting/transcoding, and basic image clarification for quickly producing actionable investigative leads.

Products & Tools Utilized and Discussed:
Ocean Systems Omnivore™, QuickDME™ and ClearID®. Other tools discussed include FFmpeg, VirtualDub, VLC Media Player and more


July 23-25 (T-TH) 2018 - Ocean Systems, MD

Oct 15-17 (T-TH) 2018 - Ocean Systems, MD


April 16-28 2019 (T-TH) 2018 - Ocean Systems, MD


DVR REC: DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course - (2 Day) - $695

Products & Tools Utilized and Discussed:
9x different DVRs used for hand on recovery using various methods, Omnivore, Omnivore Field Kit, QuickDME

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Mar 20-21 (T-W) 2018 - Ocean Systems, MD
Feb 14-15 (W-TH) 2018 - Lake Charles, LA
Jan 23-25 (T-Th) 2018 - Beverly Hills, CA * 3-Day course ($895)

June 10- 11 (M-T) 2019 - Ocean Systems, MD


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Image Clarification & Processing w/ClearID - (4hrs, On-line) - $395

Products & Tools Utilized and Discussed: ClearID v3.3, Adobe Photoshop.

Training without travel! Our ClearID on-line instruction allows users to train LIVE and one-on-one with one of our certified instructors via screen sharing and teleconference. Students train on their own PC, at their own desk, and receive all course materials and content electronically. *Broadband Internet connection required*

View the course outline for more information.

NOTE: Training voucher purchased for this course is valid for 1-year from date of purchase. Scheduling subject to student & instructor availability.

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