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dTective Video Enhancement - ClearID Image Enhancement - QE/AS Audio Enhancement Training

Forensic Video Certification Program by LEVA

LEVA training vs Ocean Systems training

Ocean Systems training focuses specifically on how to operate your Ocean Systems forensic video processing tools, while the LEVA training provides a path to certification. The LEVA classes cover broader topics such as: The Forensic Mindset, Video and the Law, Digital CCTV Systems, Video Recovery, and Ethics for the Expert Witness.

Which should I take first?

It is recommended you take the dTective training prior to the LEVA training since the dTective training provides you the details on how to use the tools.

LEVA - Law Enforcement and Emergency Services

The Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association is a non-profit organization run by law enforcement for the explicit purpose of training agency video experts. About 50% of the course hours are taught in a hands-on environment in the lab where they use 20 systems. The other half of the course is taught in the classroom and consists of lectures focused on the law, report writing, videotape recovery and SOP development.


LEVA Training Certification

Certified Forensic Video Technician (CFVT) required Level 1 and 2

Certified Forensic Video Analyst requires

  • Level 1: Forensic Video Analysis & the Law
  • Level 2: Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing
  • Level 3: Photographic Video Comparison
  • Level 4: Advanced Forensic Video Analysis & the Law

LEVA Schedule - (